Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Stuff for Kids - Creative DIY Photo Valentines

What do you do for Valentine's day for your kids? I have to admit, I can just never drum up any excitement over buying my kids cards at the grocery store. They want to make cards themselves! And of course they want to give out candy (they are not the Valentine's pencil-giving types). Every year I try to combine creativity and candy. We've done many different Valentines crafts over the years - lots of them found in Family Fun magazine, which I highly recommend for both creative Valentines and Halloween costumes. :) Their online presence is not nearly as good as their magazine, but they do still have some fun ideas to look through.

These DIY photo valentines cards have been some of my kids' favorites in the past few years. I used professional photos, but anyone could do this!
creative valentine card photo of a cute girl
All you have to do is take a picture of your child standing in front of some sort of neutral background, with their arms held out.

  creative valentine card photo of a cute girl
My kids like to pretend to hold a giant lollipop, or if they know they want to tape chocolate candy to their cards, they plan their hands for that. One year my little girl knew months in advance that she wanted to hand out Costco peanut butter cups with her Valentines. Specifically. Yum! (There were no leftovers so I don't have a picture of that!)

creative valentine card photo of a cute boy
I used some digital scrapbooking one year. But you wouldn't have to - these are also great when very basic.
creative valentine card photo of a cute girl
Looking back I don't remember how we attached the candy on this one, but both my girls dearly loved this silly fluffy phone, so they were thrilled to use it.

creative valentine card photo of a cute girl
I had forgotten about this one, and now I think it's my favorite! It was perfect for my daughter the year we used it. She got to pick her own messages - I'm sure she was selective about who got what. I remember doing that as a kid too, just in case.

creative valentine card photo of a cute boy
My son is no longer very interested in Valentines - I don't really think he's too old, but he's shy and he goes to a school where it is not a big deal. So I'm thinking this is probably his last valentine :(. Unless I can come up with something extra creative and exciting!

I have a lot of ideas collected on Pinterest - maybe there is an idea there that is perfect for you! Maybe there is even one that my son would do this year. :)

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