Friday, March 27, 2009

Newborn sweetness (Albuquerque children family photographer)

I do love a good newborn session. This little one is only a week old. She is really petite and so sweet! She was so cute - if she got a little sad, all she needed was her mom to love her & she was ready for more pictures. She never really slept, though she did close one eye (two of my kids used to sleep with one eye open) - but she was so mellow that it didn't matter. She wore my new baby cocoon (which my kids think is a big hat) and one of my grandma's antique baby dresses, thanks for being my model baby! :) Oh, and her darling brother appears here too.

It's so special for me to get to do these sessions, so I can revel in newborns & not have to have one of my own. :) :) I did another this week too, need to post for her mom to see...


  1. These are wonderful.

    I love the black and white image.

  2. Your newborn images are adorable! Parents must go ga-ga for these.

    John Rumball
    Sudbury Wedding Photographer

  3. These are adorable. Love your new baby cocoon too.

  4. just love these newborn portraits. The interaction between the family members is amazing!

    Beautiful work!

  5. Pam, I just found your blog. Thanks for taking these pics. They turned out soo good! I can't wait to see all of them!

  6. Love, love them! I mean I know my niece is cute already but you sure do bring out the best in them! What talent!