Thursday, March 5, 2009

School picture day (Albuquerque children family photographer)

I never want to buy school pictures, but it's fun to dress up & get hair curled, so I try to take some pictures of my own that day. I was at the school anyway doing some yearbook pictures, so I took a few quick minutes and got some good ones of the kids.


  1. Way better than school pictures. For some odd reason, I always feel compelled to buy large amounts of school pix.

  2. Pam, how did you get the name "Etherdox Photography"? Is that your maiden name? I've always been curious the story behind. Do share. :)

  3. Oh, it's a long & silly story. When years ago we bought our first domain name, we wanted it to be flexible so we could use it for a business someday if we wanted to. A hypothetical business. It's hard to name a hypothetical business. All the names that were based on our name that we could think of were gone, so we made up a word that sounded kind of technical or computer-ish, since we thought we might want to do websites or something like that. So Etherdox is NOT a good name for a photography business, but it's what we have & we're too stingy to get a new one. :)