Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday portrait party - Friday May 10th

It's birthday portrait party time!

children portraits photography Albuquerque Friday, May 10th, on and off all day, I will host a birthday portrait party for anyone who's having a birthday... around now. :) I'm not always as organized as I should be about promoting these, so if you have a spring birthday, or early summer, you're welcome to come!  This month I am really, really, planning to do these outside! (Last month our cold & breezy spring weather got to me and we just stayed in.)

children portraits photography Albuquerque

Here's how the birthday portrait party works. There is no session fee. The whole thing usually takes maybe 5 minutes per person, and you will end up with 10-15 fun and happy proofs. This is one of the only times that I post galleries online, so you'll receive a login/password and view your proofs on my website.

children portraits photography Albuquerque

If you are interested but not for this month, please email me your children's names and birthdays. I will let you know when and where each portrait party will be held.

 I'd love it if you pass this info on to your friends! I will include an extra full-size digital file with your next birthday portrait party order if one of your friends brings one of their kids.

children portraits photography Albuquerque