Friday, November 21, 2008

No more JC Penny Christmas pictures

Some of our best friends USED to have to stress out about holiday pictures every year. Okay I know I wasn't supposed to work on these, but these are pretty much as shot. I got out my gigantic light box & it does such a nice job! THAT'S why I keep it - let's hope the other 2 sessions from yesterday were as good.

Anyway could these kids be any cuter????? We love them. There are lots more good ones & when I get a chance the CD will be quick to put together. When I get a chance sometime next month.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Website changes again

I THINK my old site is back up & running. I had some problems redirecting the temporary site to the old site. But I think I have both of them working. If anyone has problems please let me know so I can scratch my head & then call tech support again. :)

So if you have a gallery posted on my site, it's now at - all passwords are the same & should still work normally.

Thanks for your patience! And the more links I get, the better my poor beleagured google rankings will be... (thanks!)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bosque preview

Okay, are you wondering how many bosque sessions I did in the last couple of weeks? :) There are just TWO MORE to go (not counting this great one)! It was really interesting to me how they were all unique, even though obviously I used some of the same ideas in more than one session. The light was always different and the group dynamics were always different. Happily there are great pictures from every session.

I really like this family. Their little guy was about 1, which can be a difficult age, but he did great! He has a gorgeous smile with 2 cute little teeth on the bottom. His parents, grandparents, and uncle were also wonderful - I always love it when there's an enthusiastic grandma (or grandpa or uncle!) that's ready to make little ones laugh for pictures. Thanks so much, it was great to meet you!

More bosque... again...

I love these pictures - this is the neatest family, I love their baby! She's on my baby plan and has had an amazing year of pictures, it's been really fun for me. I love seeing her grow. She's almost 1 now and has lots of good words, is almost walking, etc. What a fun stage. Anyway these pictures were great. Thanks for coming!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tutus in the bosque

One more for tonight. This family is so much fun - the girls have so much darling personality! A ton of really cute tutu pictures - I could have posted 30 of them (but fortunately choose not to). LOVE them! Thanks so much guys!

Studio portraits

This is another preschool fundraiser session - there were so many good pictures from this session that it's just not funny. I'm glad I don't have to choose! These 2 girls couldn't have been cuter. Thanks so much for coming guys! I love your girls! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Old Town portraits

And now for something different! We took a fun trip to Old Town when I ended up with a Saturday morning off. I wanted to scout out locations (because I don't REALLY take a morning off) and we found tons of great spots. The kids weren't really into it, and they certainly weren't dressed for it :), but this is us as we really are I guess. There were really a lot more good places but this is what I got kids to smile for.