Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bosque Saturday morning preview II

I hope nobody is tired of Bosque pictures! There are still LOTS of sessions to come. I'm not even going to count them all. I hope I'm not posting too many - I know I'm doing kind of a lot, but it's to make up for not posting the whole session for at least another week.
This family is awesome! I know picture morning was a little stressful, especially with a 9:00 am appointment (sorry - the day was packed!). But the pictures turned out so great! I love the colors! This is a great example of having not matching colored shirts but solid colors that look great together.
The baby is the same age as my little girl (okay they're really not babies, I have to keep telling that to myself) and it totally cracked me up that every time his brother would lean in close to hug him for a picture, he would smack him away. My little girl is mellow in general, but often I hear "NO! MINE!" (whack) in a little sqeaky voice. Anyway it's funny to see the same thing in another family.
Thanks for coming! I hope you like these!

Bosque previews - late afternoon II

Another beautiful family - the same beautiful afternoon as the last post. Their baby was so sweet, only 3 months old. And the older boy was SO great! He was totally happy & did anything I asked. The light was getting low towards the end here but there are lots of great pictures to look through. Let me know what you think and thanks for your patience!

Bosque previews - late afternoon

This is such a nice family - I met them last year when their baby was brand new. Both girls are absolutely darling, and isn't the dog pretty too! It was a beautiful afternoon & everything really worked here. So here are a few previews - I hope you like them!

Twin newborn girls

These are 2 tiny little girls - they were not quite 5 lbs each when I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. They were so darling, and perfect! They mostly slept but had their eyes open a few times. They just got home from a long stay in the hospital - they were 9 weeks premature but did a great job putting on enough weight to come home. Congratulations to their amazing family!

I had an impossible time picking which pictures to show, and I kept thinking I would just FINISH them & give their mom the CD, but I'm still totally swamped and wanted to show her something... so here are a few samples of LOTS of great pictures.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bosque family portraits I

I spent this Saturday taking more pictures in the Bosque.... yes, even though I haven't finished the ones from last week. Honestly this week I wasn't even home long enough to look through the latest week's set of portraits. This week is also going to be tough. Luckily the pictures themselves are good, so when I can get a little time they come together quickly.

This is one of my favorite big families! Their oldest is a senior so I took a few extra pictures of him. (If you want more, or indoors, or with a prop or something, let me know!) Anyway I had to do a little head-switching between shots, but in general all 7 kids were looking the right direction, at the right time, and smiling! I love it! Okay guys it'll be a couple of weeks & I'll have all your photos ready to go....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Website problems!

There is a long story, but it boils down to a new website for me for awhile, along with new email addresses. This is awful timing for me! But it could be a little worse, I guess... maybe if it was next week instead of this week.

So here is the new address for my photography site:
My new emails: or

The etherdox email addresses won't work at all for awhile. And the etherdox website won't work, but if you replace "etherdox" in the web address with "christisonfamily" that's the new address - so for our family web that's what you do.

Please let me know if you have any problems! Thanks!

3 month old sweetie

This little guy is SO darling. We took some pictures at the park, some inside, and he was just so cute. I love it when a baby this young is so easy to get great big smiles from! The park was fun too - the leaves aren't changing colors yet really but there were some that had blown down. My kids have been dreaming of jumping into leaf piles, so they got everyone throwing leaves around and piling them up. Okay I have pictures of that too but in the interest of time I'm just posting baby pics here.