Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bosque Saturday morning preview II

I hope nobody is tired of Bosque pictures! There are still LOTS of sessions to come. I'm not even going to count them all. I hope I'm not posting too many - I know I'm doing kind of a lot, but it's to make up for not posting the whole session for at least another week.
This family is awesome! I know picture morning was a little stressful, especially with a 9:00 am appointment (sorry - the day was packed!). But the pictures turned out so great! I love the colors! This is a great example of having not matching colored shirts but solid colors that look great together.
The baby is the same age as my little girl (okay they're really not babies, I have to keep telling that to myself) and it totally cracked me up that every time his brother would lean in close to hug him for a picture, he would smack him away. My little girl is mellow in general, but often I hear "NO! MINE!" (whack) in a little sqeaky voice. Anyway it's funny to see the same thing in another family.
Thanks for coming! I hope you like these!


  1. Pam,

    I was online looking for a photographer and came across your name...went to your blog and here are pix of my friend! Anyway, I have a senior that I need to have photographed, as well as a family photo. Would be interested in looking at your portfolio and price list.

    ~alicia finley (459-2957) or