Sunday, October 5, 2008

School photographer

I have the blessing of being the school photographer for a really great charter school in our area. It's an elementary school called Mountain Mahogany Community School. They have about 100 children in K-4th grade (next year will include 5th too). They have a neat emphasis on being outdoors, gardening, and they even have chickens. They have an orchard, watermelons and cantaloupes growing around campus, and eat the fruit for class snacks.

So doing lots of pictures really fast is a lot different than doing an hour-long session with a few kids. But I feel like I almost always can get a good picture or two of the kids with a little effort. I usually give the families 2 proofs, one close up & one farther away. Some families come for family pics and I do some siblings too. It's a lot of work getting everything processed but so fun to get positive feedback from parents & sometimes even kids. I'm about halfway done getting the proofs processed at this point - not working on it today but full-force tomorrow...

Here's a small sample of pictures I especially liked:


  1. That's awesome! I wish there were charter schools around here that were worthwhile...none that I know of.

  2. We have tons of charter schools around here. They are popping up all over. They're interesting - some are good, some not as much, and they tend to have different emphases depending probably on what the founder was passionate about. I love it that there are options - not only good for us, but good in that enough kids are leaving the regular public schools that maybe they will start to consider some changes themselves. Anyway. :) Good school.

  3. Those are school pictures??!! Lucky parents.