Friday, October 10, 2008

Family pictures on the mesa

This was such a fun session! They are a really nice family with a little boy who is 2 years old, and a nice big black dog. They wanted to try pictures up on the mesa, which is not lush with vegetation :) but is a great Albuquerque backdrop. I think they turned out great! I had wanted the sunset light but it was overcast instead (what's up with that?) - but at least the soft light is nice & even.

The little boy is so darling - I guess he's really into recycling, and where we were there were lots of bottles & trash around. He got to collect it in a safe place for recycling later. So in some of these pictures he's saying "RECYCLE"! SO cute. He was the best 2 year old I've done pictures with in a long time - he totally cooperated the whole time, wow!

I love the first picture here especially - I was lucky to get one in focus because the light was on the way out so my shutter speed was too slow to stop motion. It was perfect that I got him where he paused at the very top of his jump.

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