Creative theme photography

One of my favorite things about photography is working with a creative theme. Sometimes these are personal projects and sometimes I have a client with an idea for their family or children.

If you have a child with a big imagination, you both might absolutely love a creative children's session. Any book, show, or interest that piques your child's imagination would not only be a blast but would give them memories - and you artwork - that you will both treasure.

I have some examples of creative children's photography just to get you started:

Professional antique portrait of a beautiful little girl Albuquerque Vintage styled children's photography 

Professional creative art children's portrait with a tiger at Chaco Canyon Albuquerque  The princess and the tiger

Professional creative children lego photography Albuquerque Lego world photography action!

Professional photo of a beautiful little girl creative Little Red Riding Hood theme bosque Albuquerque  Little Red Riding Hood in the woods

Professional creative fine art teenager photography Albuquerque  Creative photography along with a love of books

Professional photo of a beautiful little girl playing in a stream outside Albuquerque in the Jemez mountains  Watery creative children photography - in a stream in the Jemez 

Professional creative photo of a little girl pretending to be a fairy in a tree Albuquerque  Fairy princesses in the spring blossoms

Professional creative photo three children running from a dinosaur skeleton that came to life  Creative kids photography

Professional portrait of a tween girl with a peacock feather   All about me photography

child children portraits photography Albuquerque  Don't vacuum up the legos!

This goes for families too! Are you a family of superheroes? Soccer stars? Forest rangers? If there is something that you love, let's build a custom session around it that your whole family will love.

Creative professional photo of a family cooking together in the kitchen Albuquerque  Family fun in the kitchen

Professional fun family photography Albuquerque  Star Wars + family portraits

Creative professional photo of children's shadows Albuquerque  My favorite school photography ever

If this idea appeals to you, give me a call or email, and we can talk about a session for your family.  Or, see this page for other ideas about how to make your portrait session the best that it can be.  

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