Monday, September 28, 2009

Session previews from this weekend

It was a busy weekend! It's going to take me a little while to get galleries done for these sessions, so I wanted to post a preview right away. (Actually I always want to do that, but I'm not always so good about it...)

First is a baseball game - I think I'm getting the knack of shooting through chain-link fence :). It's tricky especially since my long lens is not a fast lens, nor is the autofocus very good through chain-link. But there are some really fun shots. He had a good base hit, and some good plays in the field too, while I was there. Fun!

Then it was off to the gardens for a couple more sessions. This is such a nice family, and their little boy is super-smart! He's just barely one year old, but he was saying all sorts of smart words. I've had early talkers & it's so much fun to be able to communicate with them even when they're so young. Anyway it was a really nice & fun session.

He was also super-good at peek-a-boo, one of my favorite things to do with this age for pictures!

And some darling Halloween costume pictures... he'd forgotten about the hat and left it on (I love that).

And one more family session. Such beautiful kids!

This one totally cracks me up. I guess the bench I was trying to have them kneel on is very uncomfortable on the knees. (And when I was thinking about that later, I think I remember someone else telling me that before - probably my kids...)

So cute! I'll get going on all these...

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  1. love the one at the duck pond!! and the red-ish wooden background is fantastic- you have such a great eye, pam!!