Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer giveway - large wall portrait

Okay, August is over and so is my summer promotion. Thanks so much to all of you who booked sessions with me this summer! I was up 50% this year over last year, and really I was busy non-stop. I even wanted a break to tear down the horrible wallpaper border in my kitchen, and never got one (that's a good thing, I hate tearing down wallpaper borders).

Stay tuned - tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the drawing for the 16x20 standout. You can enter your email address at the top right of this page to subscribe to my blog page for updates.

Could it be this lovely family below?....

Just kidding, this is my family at our family reunion this summer, at the finale of the "bad hair contest". I didn't win, but I did get a great new facebook profile picture out of it.

I'll be announcing a giveaway for this fall coming right up. (As soon as we get our soccer game schedule! I wish they would give it to us farther in advance!) Stay tuned, or subscribe to see all of my updates.

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