Sunday, September 21, 2008

front yard flowers

Okay, this is exactly what I wanted last year when we fixed up this section of the yard. An area I could use for flower pictures without having to go to the botanic gardens every time. :) I love it! It took longer than I'd wanted to get going this summer, probably d/t not enough water (this is Albuquerque after all) but it's been gorgeous for a couple of months now. Anyway these flowers are going to last at least a couple more weeks if anyone likes...

I took these instead of school portraits, which we never really like, but it's fun to get dressed up & hair curled, etc, on school picture day anyway. Oh and I have to say, she planned all these poses & the location herself, I just went along with it. :)


  1. I LOVE that one of Mattie close up where her head is to the right side of the photo. So cute. I'm assuming the curls make her hair that short, but she didn't cut it, am I right? I subscribed to your blog, so whenever you update, I'll click!

  2. Yep, it was just curls making her hair short. I did root boost & the curls lasted the longest ever! It was cute all day! :)

  3. I am hiring you as my gardener. You cannot say no.