Monday, January 19, 2009

More location-hunting (Albuquerque children family photographer)

Out & about in Albuquerque, looking for new & exciting picture locations. Matt had seen a couple earlier this week while on a lunch meeting that he thought would be good. And there were some great finds! I need to add lighting to some of these, and I hadn't brought anything like that. But there are some great new places to try! I love the urban look, it's so much fun, and Albuquerque has a lot to offer with murals and grungy corners (we found some great ones but usually there was too much broken glass to use with kids).


  1. How do you get your kids to smile after the thousands of photos you've taken of them? Mine just groan whenever I take my camera out.

  2. Ha. It's blatant bribery. Marshmallows or promises of ice cream. :) And we moved pretty fast, that helps (and I didn't include all the pictures of them fighting either...)

  3. Very good urban pictures. I wish you lived in Idaho Falls:-) My family needs a new "family picture"

  4. PRICELESS picture of Pierce. I love the copper colored shingles...or whatever that is, those are beautiful!

  5. You photograhers with your creative minds!! Jealous over here. I think these look awesome--and it sure helps your children are darling!

    Did you see Tammy's laundromat shots? I would have never thought to go there, but they look really good.

    Great job, my friend! :)