Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't vacuum up the legos!

My husband and my daughter went to the pool this week and they were surprised at how full the lap lanes were. Not me! It's January, time for everyone's New Year's resolutions!

I never used to be much of a goal-setter. But last year suddenly I got the goal-setting fever! I have a list of things to work on, but business and personal. So this week I spent some time looking through last year's goals, and, okay, there are a bunch that I need to work on again this year. :)  I did a good job with some of them though, and for me that's encouraging.

One thing I really want to work on this year is both business and personal.  I've been seriously neglecting to take as many good fun pictures of my kids as I should.  Last year I did this session that I totally love, but didn't get to some other stuff I really meant to do.  This year I have a goal of one really fun personal project per month.

Starting off for January is some fun for my son.  He loved this - he told me it's the first time I've ever told him to make a mess (I'm not sure that is true but admittedly it's not a common theme in our home).  He's such a sweet guy and I don't take as many pictures of him as I do of the girls, but this was perfect for his funny personality and I love it too.

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This one - not as convincing maybe, it's harder to get two kids to pose in a tricky way, but my little daughter was thrilled to be involved.  (My older daughter, who is too tall to get into this sort of picture in the room that I had, was being a human light stand for me just to the right. :) )

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If you like the idea of a creative theme photo session, but legos are not your thing, I have other creative photography ideas posted here - look through and see if you feel inspired to do something creative with your children! I'd love to work with you.

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