Friday, March 14, 2014

Creative kids photography

Last year I set a goal for myself to take more creative pictures of my own kids. (And also to just take more pictures of my kids, just in general.) I think I started out pretty well, and then I got busy and distracted and let it fall by the wayside. So - I am really going to try again this year!

My kids have lots of ideas. And I have lots of ideas. The trick is getting our ideas to align. :) But here we go, my youngest, who I believe yesterday was a baby, and today loves soccer and dressing in her own eccentric style. She had to actually finish her homework, in a reasonable amount of time, to take these pictures with me. I love that getting a fun picture is incentive for her to actually do her work and not just sit around with pencil in hand while moaning about the dog being too stinky.
Professional creative photo of a little girl balancing on a chair

This is one we did get to last year. One of our family's favorite places is the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. I don't know how many times we've gone there, but it's a lot. Combine that with a love for "Night at the Museum" and we came up with this. (This is the T-rex skeleton from the museum.)
 Professional creative photo three children running from a dinosaur skeleton that came to life

Last summer we spent some time in the mountains in Colorado at the perfect time for wildflowers. One morning we even got butterflies to land on our fingers (it was a little chilly). That inspired this picture.
Professional creative photo of a girl dressed as a fairy sitting on a flower with butterfly wings

This might be my favorite. It's also from last year - something that I'd had in mind for awhile and my son was so happy to help. First of all - we have a BIG lego fan. Then, he got to pour legos out everywhere in the living room. He told me "Mom, this is the first time you've ever TOLD me to make a mess!" He is not as enthusiastic to cooperate with creative photography as the girls are so I love when I can find something he's excited about. We call this one "Don't Vacuum up the Legos."
Professional creative photo of a little boy vacuuming up legos

Also important to my children is St. Patrick's Day. It is one of their favorite holidays. Why? Because they are intensely motivated to catch leprechauns. My older two have graduated to just being in it for the chocolate coins, but my youngest is still a true believer.

I may need to explain this trap. She had this idea that we'd make a fake leprechaun, put it in a trap, and when the real leprechaun went in to hug the pretend guy, the trap would close. Ha! Gotcha. So the girls had a fun time acting out what would probably happen when the leprechauns saw her trap for this picture.
Professional creative photo of two girls getting caught in a leprechaun trap

If you like the idea of creative photography, which obviously sometimes involves photoshop, I'd love to talk with you about a fun session for your kids. It's a fantastic way to celebrate their imaginations! You can give me a call or email.

You can see some other examples of creative children's photography here. You can also sign up for my newsletter if you'd like to know what specials I have planned or what's coming next.

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