Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's alive!

I know people who work on websites are probably a lot more excited about their new websites than anyone else. :) That's because it takes so much work to get them done! I've been working on re-doing my website for more than a month, and it's finally close enough that I uploaded it. It still has a few problems (that's not meant as a challenge :) ) but it seems to be working pretty well. I was definitely ready to be done with the old website - the pictures were SO outdated - and I'm excited to have it be much more current.

Check it out here:

Albuquerque family baby children senior photography

In celebration I'm doing an end-of-winter sale! This is for additional prints from your portrait sessions completed last year. If you would like any additional prints, or if you'd like to purchase the CD with copyright permissions, here are the discounts I'm offering:
If your order is under $50, subtract 10%.
If your order is between $50 - $100, subtract 20%.
If your order is between $100 - $200, subtract 30%.
If your order is $200 or more, subtract 40%.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this sale, and you need your gallery re-posted, just email me (or call) and I'll put it back up.

Thanks and happy February!

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  1. Wow- Pam, I thought the old website was great, but the new one is fantastic!! Now we can all see that you're a talented website designer in addition to being the greatest photographer around!!