Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Prose For Portraits" - winner announcement!

First of all, this was really hard. We knew it would be, that's why 5 of us photographers wanted to get together, so that we could have 5 yes's instead of just 1. (Knowing these other ladies is such a blessing to me - one of the really good things that happened to me last year was getting to know them.) Reading your heartfelt nominations brought tears to our eyes. I'm sure you can imagine, if you've been following this at all, how hard it would be to choose one family from the nominations we received. And how humbling it is to have gotten the nominations in the first place.

So, this amazing family below really struck a chord with me. This is the Dils family and I know I will love them. Loren, the dad, was diagnosed with ALS a couple of years ago, and a family portrait session now is exactly what I'm all about. I want to use photography to hold onto memories - because my memory is awful, full of holes. And this seems like the perfect opportunity to help someone else with what I would want myself so much if I was in that place.

Albuquerque family baby newborn photography
(picture taken from the ALS Awareness website - this is their family with Pete Sampras, how cool is that??? Wish I had taken THIS picture! Posting pictures was Amy's idea... thanks Amy.)

I'm funny about how much I want to talk about people on my blog - privacy is big to me. (And that definitely cramps my blogging style.) I usually won't even put names, but there's no getting around it here. I will talk with them about it because I know he's really involved in raising awareness about Lou Gehrig's disease and probably has some amazing things to share.

So - I will get in touch with you, Dils family - and we can talk. I have lots of ideas and I'm sure you do too. I'm so looking forward to meeting you.

Check out the others - I'm so excited to see their sessions with these other talented photographers.

And thanks again.


  1. Awesome Pam! I can't wait to see the beautiful photos you will take for this deserving family. :)

  2. so awesome. what a great family to bless. can't wait to see the images of this gorgeous family.