Thursday, March 11, 2010

School yearbook lady

Where have I been this last week? No, I didn't go to WPPI (though now I wish I had). I was right here, at the computer, as usual. The difference was, and this was only perceptible to myself probably, I wasn't working on photography, I was working on the kids' school yearbook. Yes, Science Night got over, and immediately it was yearbook crunch time. Last year I was the yearbook assistant, and this year I got promoted (by virtue of the previous committee chair's kids going to middle school). So I didn't do the school portraits for the kids. But nearly every other picture in the yearbook, and there are a LOT of them, was taken by me in the last week or two.

Including this super-fun center spread photo of the whole school. Go kids! About 200 of them asked me later that day "How did you get on the roof?" My answer: "I'm a really good jumper!" (They were not convinced, but I didn't want them to know how easy it really is.)

Albuquerque children photography

So the timing emergency was because my copy is due to the printers next Monday, which is spring break, and I had to have it edited/reviewed by the staff ahead of time. Today was my last chance. Last night at 2:00 am I finished these collages:

Albuquerque children photography

Albuquerque children photography

So cute - don't know how I managed to make them (and I was too tired to check the spelling...) These were 2 of the 20 or so collages I'd been working on.

THEN, just to keep with the tale, I tried to print out my rough draft for edits. Our old printer ran out of ink, so I installed the new one (a process in & of itself). The new printer ran completely through a cartridge of black. The last 2 pages I tried to print were nearly illegible. And I had no more ink left, so that's how it went down to the school.... it helps that I'm a volunteer with this... So it's an HP Photosmart C4750, FYI, and to me that is a crazy-lot of ink usage. I printed not quite 64 pages - granted they were maybe 50% photo or more - and now I need another $67 for more ink. YIKES. Might take this printer back to Costco & see if there's something a little more economical out there.

And that is the story of why I haven't gotten any photography done for a week... I apologize to all of you out there waiting for galleries! I need to sleep tonight instead of working, but I'll be posting a bunch of stuff in the next couple of days.

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