Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nine months old - {Albuquerque baby photography}

Happy Valentine's day! I have the perfect session to blog for today!  This little guy just came for his 9 month session. 

Albuquerque children photographer

Albuquerque children photographer

At his first 2 sessions we had a really easy time getting these gorgeous big smiles.  But this time we had to work a little!  I have to say, this is really normal - babies sometimes need some time to warm up and get comfortable. We had a bunch of dinosaurs, which matched his cute little outfit, and funnily enough he had just about zero interest in them.  He's a great crawler, and was more interested in crawling away than in playing.  (I did get a couple - luckily he was patient about being put back in the dino pile after he crawled out of it.)

Albuquerque children photographer

I had this idea of doing an old-fashioned kind of set (now I really want a big map!  I'm going to go find one.)  When we handed him the airplane, I learned that driving vehicles is totally instinctive for boys.  I don't know, maybe he drives toy cars around all the time at home, but he's pretty young for it... anyway he got the airplane and immediately drove it around on the ground.  I thought it was totally funny.  And I love this serious picture.
Albuquerque children photographer

Albuquerque children photographer
Actually I'm doing this post out of order, but I had to put the Valentine's background first. We got to those pictures after the airplane & dinos, and we were so happy that he thought my squeaky ball (which we got out because he was NOT going to sit on that chair) was super funny. He had a great cousin who had come along to help make him smile, and she was perfect! She got him laughing, and my last 20 frames are all of him cracking up.  So... sometimes babies need a little time!  Bringing extra help can be great.  Sometimes we just keep trying different things until they work.  And thanks so much to his really nice mom - I love working with your family!

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