Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A sad day for Pam

We are having a hard time here at our house - a.k.a. Etherdox Photography - our home was burglarized and my camera and laptop were taken. Matt has also had a bunch of tools stolen from the garage. It's upsetting to us - the burglars forced a window open and were in the house while I was being "parent helper" at the preschool yesterday. Very disturbing. That said it could have been a lot worse - my desktop computer is still here and that's where all the pictures are. We are grateful to be safe and that we weren't home & in any danger. We have already done some major fortifications to the windows and the rest of the house. Even though we were being careful just in general, obviously there was more that should have been done.

So this post is my tribute to my last set of good pictures from my beloved Canon 40D. I still have my backup camera, and my backup lenses, so I can still take pictures (another blessing). But I will miss that 40D very much - and the lens that was on it.

I saw some pictures like this that another photographer did for a bar mitzvah, and I loved the idea of using scriptures like this. The kids loved it too, they were perfect models (they even loved the flash going off in their faces).


  1. Sorry to hear of your recent break in. I am sure things will get better very soon. Great photos!

  2. I know I emailed you about this, but I just have to say that this is devastating. I got a call from a friend yesterday as well who was robbed while she was at work. All her valuable things are gone. She's moving. Anyway, I'm sick for you!

  3. Oh thanks, ugh. But on the bright side, I decided that my next camera is the 5D. I'm not usually very indecisive, but I had a hard time making up my mind. Now I've got it & it is AMAZING. It makes sense to upgrade when the insurance is paying for some portion of it. Now I just need a good lens. :)
    My insurance people say burglaries are up. Economic woes, or just more people needing drug money? I hate to think of my beloved camera being pawned for a couple hundred $. Maybe I can find it at a pawn shop somewhere.

  4. Ugh... I am so sorry to hear about the break in. It is such a hassle to have to deal with all the insurance stuff. So Sorry! :(