Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family evening session

I've been working a ton but not blogging.... time to get busy. Where are my priorities? :)

These are some great friends of ours, very flattering to be asked to be their photographer. It's a little different when you know the family well. Maybe because I know when the kids' smiles are totally fake (sorry, there are a few of those). Maybe because I just really want to do a good job. Well, of course I always do, but these I know I'll be seeing again & I want to be happy about it. So I was really glad when I went through my big virtual pile of images and found a bunch that I really like! They are such a fun family, how could I go wrong???


  1. You don't know me, I am Richards Sister...WOW! Absolutely FANTASTIC pictures. It does help that they are such beautiful people to begin with but, very nice. Wish you were in Utah...then maybe we could be beautiful too:)

  2. Love the pictures. It's fun to see your blog because we get updates on everyone:) We miss you guys!

  3. These came out so very nice! You can be proud when you see these pictures over and over again.