Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Senior session - downtown

I just had a blast with this amazing girl. She is so much fun! This is the continuation of our session from a couple of weeks ago - where we totally got rained out. We went downtown and shot until the light was gone... and then did a few more. :) There was so much to do - on the way home I was remembering all the things I'd wanted to include, but our time was well spent. She was gorgeous - so much personality & so much fun. Thanks for your time today!

And so I'm posting a whole bunch of pics here because she's going to be checking tomorrow.... (and there is a ton more which thankfully I will refrain from posting tonight)


  1. That must be one happy senior! I LOVE these! Great job!

  2. WOW, these senior photos are amazing! You have to let me know where the cool blue door and orange stairs awesome! :)

  3. I just laughed thinking about my completely ridiculous senior pictures. To have these--WOW!! She is gorgeous and so is your photography.