Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few days in Chicago

Last week I got to go to Chicago to a really great 3 day photography workshop/seminar. It was with a bunch of people I'd never met but I enjoyed getting to know some of them as the days progressed. And - I keep saying this - I am NOT a note-taker. Even in college, I barely took notes (maybe because there was always a textbook). But I came home with a shockingly lot of pages of notes! Some really good ideas - now I just need some time to put them into play. :) My great husband is helping me with some framing ideas that I loved, so it looks like I'm going to start with that (hooray!) and get not only my displays (i.e. family pictures) whipped into shape, but also hopefully get some really fun frames to offer clients.

So they did a group picture and said "Get your towels, because we're getting IN the pool for the picture." I guess I wouldn't have minded TOO much if we had to get in the pool - fully dressed - but happily I got to be on the pool-side instead. You can barely see me, 5th from the right, 2nd row, totally blocking the poor lady's face next to me (sorry...) And actually I did get wet because there were some really big splashes after the picture got taken :)

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