Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday party photography - baby & family

I love this family - I met them almost a couple of years ago when their older daughter was really little. They've since had twins (so darling!) and their big girl just celebrated her 2nd birthday! She is so beautiful - look at those blue blue eyes. Anyway they invited all of my family to their fun party, thanks so much! I had a blast & took easily twice as many pictures as I should have. I'm still going through them all... but here's at least a preview for you. Thanks!

I have to admit I had a tough time getting all 3 girls to look the same direction. I was happy that (with the aid of some fabulous grandparents) the older daughter had some great smiles! And the babies are smiling too. :)

Speaking of fabulous grandparents!

Her smile makes me smile.

And here it is again!

She is a friend, & a darling little one too!

Is she surprised that her sister's finger is in her mouth? Is it good?

More friends, so much fun on the swings!

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