Friday, May 8, 2009

Old fashioned antique portraits - portrait party & special!

I was asked to do some antique portraits for one of the most beautiful babies I know - her pictures are coming in the next day or so :) - and I loved the set-up so much that I did a few with my "models" also. These are SO much fun! I found some antique toy props for boys also, so this is for little boys or girls. It's not a huge set, but we could do small groups of children also. If you're interested in booking an antique session, give me a call or email. I will do 10% off these sessions through May and June.

I'm also going to do a portrait party here with this set: Friday, May 29th. These will be short sessions - I'm going to book them 30 minutes apart. No session fee, regular print prices. If you're interested, call me ASAP because I always book solid with portrait parties.

One wonders what she expected to see in the teapot, and what she found instead. :)

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