Sunday, May 3, 2009

New camera getting a workout

Three days with my new camera and I'm up over 1000 shots already. Yikes! I photographed a really fun party on Saturday, that was a lot of pictures, and then today I did some portraits of my kids in their Easter clothes. (I say Easter clothes, but only my oldest daughter actually got a new Easter dress. My son had a nice shirt already, which he never wears except when I make him. And my youngest has so many beautiful things passed down to her that I don't think I've bought her anything more than socks her whole little life.)

Anyway.... this is the first picture I processed out of my whole-lot of pictures from today. I curled her hair and it is SO cute - it makes her look very angelic (if you know her, you know that's not necessarily how she behaves).

I've heard other photographers say they have a hard time getting good portraits of their own children. I have three. At almost no time were they all looking at the camera. Even promises of marshmallows (which were delivered BTW) and funny puppets falling off my head failed to get all 3 of them looking AT ME and SMILING at the same time. Luckily, Photoshop is going to really make this session a success for me :).... eventually.

We spent a lot of time this last fall and spring with soccer. My little boy played for the first time (with Rush) and loved it! He had a great team, and such a great coach! We're all ready to sign up for fall soccer just to spend time with Coach Brandon again. My little guy almost tears up when he realizes that it's Tuesday or Thursday and there's no soccer practice. (We haven't told him yet, but I think his coach is going to do a 3 on 3 tournament thing this summer - he'll be ecstatic if it works out.) He scored 3 goals - proud moment! - at the last game, and every goal = an ice cream sundae in our family. We stretched it out, one per weekend, and just finished our last sundae. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Anyway I put together a fun collage for the other families - it's a team picture with black & white action shots around the border. Just for fun -

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