Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two year old who loves her umbrella; family portraits

I don't put a lot of personal stuff on this blog. But I thought these pictures were, as she says herself, "money-money" (she means "funny-funny") and cute. We had gone to Old Navy together (we do most everything together, like most moms & 2 year olds). She saw this umbrella and immediately knew it was hers! "Mine new umbrella!" She matter-of-factly carried it to the register and has played with it ever since.

We've had such nice umbrella weather lately too - we even took it hiking up on the back side of the mountain. It was a fun hike (at the pace of a 2 year old who was holding an umbrella, which is about half her usual speed) and I loved her & her brother's & sister's umbrellas.

For mother's day one of my favorite gifts is the gift of cooperation for family portraits. I have to say, it's getting harder every year. My family is more cooperative than ever, but it's harder to get poses that I want etc. without being behind the camera myself. That said I do like this one :)

And some more ideas here.

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  1. Pam, love your family photos! The umbrella story reminded me of my daughter...she used to open an umbrella, lay out a towel, and "sunbathe" in the living room by the windows when she was about your daughter's age. Great times!