Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation pictures

I feel like I'm spending all my time playing catch-up with pictures. These are from our vacation to Colorado - it was so much fun! I took a million pictures, knowing in my mind that I was going to have a hard time getting around to processing them all. I actually came pretty close while gone (though I didn't get to any customer pictures like I'd said I would).

I love this one of our youngest and my husband. He is such an amazing dad! I'm so grateful for him every day.

And the rest of these - they are NOT engagement pictures. This is my brother, who brought his super-nice and beautiful girlfriend with him to our tiny cabin stuffed full of family. They are not engaged! I don't know why you would think they are engaged from these pictures. Because they're not! (Unless there's something he's not telling me.... and I do tend to be the last one to know family news...) We all really liked her & were glad she could stand the crowd for a week. So happy to meet you! :)

The whole time I was taking these (and some other family pictures for other family members) I was wishing so much that I had scenery like this in Albuquerque. Nope. I like what we've got, but now I wish for a mountain meadow or lake. Within very short driving distance of course. Ha.

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