Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A parenting thing

This Saturday we had one of those moments - I had just told my husband that I had to spend some time with photograpy this weekend, but first I was doing some weeding (have you seen my garden? That's another story...) Suddenly I hear my husband shouting "Get in the car, we're going to the hospital!" First my heart stopped, then I ran through the house to wash off my very muddy hands, and fortunately I grabbed his ipod on my way out the door. Meanwhile I'm shouting back "Why are we going to the hospital?" Turns out our little one had been helping wash the car, slipped on the wet garage floor, and hit her head so hard she passed out. By the time we got to the hospital for a CT scan she was behaving 100% normally (by which I mean arguing with her siblings and crying because she wanted a shot - she knows that if you get a shot at the doctor's office he will give you a lollipop). Fortunately she was fine, and the ipod entertained all 3 children while we spent a few hours in the ER. Now when I see her I'm just so grateful for her good health & happiness - what a blessing to have healthy children.


  1. She is such a cute. What a scary story, I'm glad it was a good ending. We miss you guys.

  2. Yikes, that is really scary! Thank goodness she's okay! Ruby was telling me a made up story tonight and she named the cat "Zo-zo". She said, not "Zoey, because that's my cousin." We miss you!