Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some random stuff

I'm still trying to catch up on sessions, but I don't like to work on Sundays, so I'm trying to catch up on my family website instead. It's perpetually several months behind - right now I'm working on May... which is sad, because by the time I get around to my commentary I sometimes can't remember why I took the picture in the first place. But anyway here are some pictures I thought worth sharing.

I don't blog all my sessions, due to lack of time, mostly. This is a darling little girl - she always seems to be smiling. Her mom said she'd been having a hard time getting a picture of her smiling - she's full of smiles, but stops when Mom's face goes away & the camera comes out instead. That really rang a bell with me, because exactly the same thing happened with my babies too! There is definitely something to be said for having someone else holding the camera. :)

Some fireworks pictures from Independence day - we haven't been to the "big fireworks" for several years, but this year we thought all our children were past the fearful stage, so we gave it a try. We were at Balloon Fiesta park, and after standing in a long line for "jump houses", buying some very expensive treats, and running from a sudden rainstorm, we decided to watch the fireworks from the parking lot above the field. What a great idea that was! Not so close that the noise was too scary (although one of our kids watched from inside the car, just to be safe), and close enough to see really well. And we could make a quick getaway too! Naturally I'd forgotten a tripod, but the hood of the car was at a good angle - fireworks pictures are always so much fun.

These were taken up at the top of the mountain at the little visitor's center. I highly recommend going out on their deck to see the hummingbirds! They are really acclimatized to people being around, so we got to get surprisingly close.

My kids always hang around when I set up backdrops. They want me to take their picture because I bribe them with marshmallows - the point of the marshmallows is to ensure their cooperation when I actually WANT their pictures, not just any old time, but sometimes I get a picture I really like when I wasn't planning on it. Something about this one just appeals to me.

I've been selling off some backdrops that I don't use, and I discovered this one in a sack in the garage. I've never used it but I should! I need to design some cute sky-theme set or something.

This is a really nice waterfall we visited last month. So pretty!

Another case of kids hanging around, wanting their pictures taken for marshmallows.

And this too - our youngest was kindly given a bunch of dress-up outfits, and they were methodically trying on each one. This was such a hit that they both dressed up and needed a picture to record the combination.

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  1. i so love the shot of the bird! what intense shutterspeed! very nice capture!