Monday, May 3, 2010

We love soccer!

I'm a soccer mom. I drive an SUV, I shuttle kids between 2 different practices at 2 different parks at the same time, twice a week. :) We carefully coordinate games and hate it when they overlap. Who knew I'd end up a soccer mom.... but we do really love soccer in our family.

A few months ago I got THE lens to end all lenses. Actually I'd thought the last amazing lens I bought would be the last lens I'd ever need. But, surprisingly, I did need another one :) - I got the 70-200mm f2.8 L IS lens, with soccer games (and more) on my mind. And it is amazing. (One thing I've totally learned is that you get what you pay for with glass!) If you don't mind a 6 pound lens - it's SO heavy - but totally worth carrying.

My son's still playing on smaller fields, so 200mm is plenty long enough to go across the field. For my daughter, who plays on a larger field, I have a 2x extension, which is not quite as crisp but still pretty good. (The NEXT thing I need is the 1.4x extension, which is supposed to be a lot better. And then I swear I won't need any more lenses. Ha.)

I LOVE the team composite I put together this year - I love it even more than last year's, which I also loved.
Albuquerque sports children photography

And for my daughter's team I made this slideshow - she loved it.

I do shoot games for people from time to time. If you're interested, get with me at the beginning of the season and we can coordinate schedules. I also do the normal team & individual pictures.

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