Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First birthday portraits (and a cheerleader too!)

I think birthday cake portraits are SO fun. I so wish that I'd thought of doing them with my kids! Luckily, there are other moms out there who also like the idea, so I get to have fun with other people's babies & their cakes. :)

This session started out neat & clean though. The new 1 year old, and her sister, were beautiful & really sweet together. The baby has a special pink rubber duckie, which I think is so cute.

The big sister is also a cheerleader, which makes for some really fun pictures!

The baby did not particularly enjoy wearing a tutu. :) But maybe that was because there was cake, just out of reach! Once she got the cake, she knew just what to do. She was perfect! She didn't mind being covered with frosting (what a pretty cake!) and used the chocolate duck topper as a spoon to scoop it up. Yum!

Sooooo much fun, thanks for coming girls! Happy birthday!


  1. So cute! What a fun idea. Sorry if my comments are lame, I always love looking at your work, but I only comment so that it helps your google-ability.

  2. Love them! They came out so cute.. Great job as always Pam.