Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three sisters in pink

These lovely ladies were such a pleasure to work with. I don't have a sister so it was especially fun to see these cute sisters together. The gardens are so beautiful lately - we didn't have to go far to find lots of flowers, roses, fountains, and other great portrait backdrops. That with cute smiles & giggles made this a really fun session! Their dad worked with me at the preschool this past year & I really want to thank him (and the rest of the board) for their time & service.

Credit for scrapbook elements to Megan Farrow and Studio Flergs. So cute!


  1. Nice session! These little girls will treasure those shots some day.


  2. Pam- I LOVE all of these photos! You are so amazing! I need to come out there and follow you through like..100 sessions! :) I love looking at all of your pictures!