Thursday, June 4, 2009

More antique children's portraits

Some more antique portraits. I am loving these!

These two are some of the most beautiful children I know. They really got into the tea party setup - it was fun to watch. When we tried to bring one of them out of the background so we could get individual pictures, it was not fun without the tea set! Luckily the toy airplane and firetruck were also fun. :) This session was also full of such great expressions - it made it hard to narrow down my proofs (and I ended up with definitely more than I'd planned, something I'm trying to work on...) Thanks so much for coming - I love these & it was so great to see you again!


  1. oh these came out so good! We love them! You are so awesome!!!!

  2. These are beautiful portraits! I love the setup and the colouring! Good Work!